Publications in reverse chronological order.


  1. preprint
    Adversarial Cheap Talk
    C. Lu, T. Willi,  A. Letcher, J. Foerster
  2. preprint
    Polymatrix Competitive Gradient Descent
    J. Ma,  A. Letcher, F. Schäfer, Y. Shi, A. Anandkumar
  3. Discovered Policy Optimisation
    C. Lu, J. Kuba,  A. Letcher, L. Metz, C. Schroeder Witt, J. Foerster
    Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems
  4. COLA: Consistent Learning with Opponent-Learning Awareness
    T. Willi, J. Treutlein,  A. Letcher, J. Foerster
    International Conference on Machine Learning


  1. On the Impossibility of Global Convergence in Multi-Loss Optimization
    A. Letcher
    International Conference on Learning Representations


  1. Ridge Rider: Finding Diverse Solutions by Following Eigenvectors of the Hessian
    J. Parker-Holder, L. Metz, C. Resnick, H. Hu, A. Lerer,  A. Letcher, A. Peysakhovich, A. Pacchiano, J. Foerster
    Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems


  1. Differentiable Game Mechanics
    A. Letcher, D. Balduzzi, S. Racanière, J. Martens, J. Foerster, K. Tuyls, T. Graepel
    Journal of Machine Learning Research
  2. Stable Opponent Shaping in Differentiable Games
    A. Letcher, J. Foerster, D. Balduzzi, T. Rocktäschel, S. Whiteson
    International Conference on Learning Representations


  1. Automatic Conflict Detection in Police Body-Worn Audio
    A. Letcher, J. Trišović, C. Cademartori, X. Chen, J. Xu
    IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing


  1. MSc
    Stability and Exploitation in Differentiable Games, 2018
  2. BSc
    Algebraic Features of Multiple Zeta Values, 2017